Like Lazarus

Your fearless leader fearfull follower book stalker is back from…well, not quite the dead.  I guess more like if instead of being dead, Lazarus had taken some time off between jobs and then didn’t want to do anything involving a glowing rectangle (at least the kind that has a board of plastic letters attached in some fashion) during that time, and then started the new job and was like daunted by the 22nd St.-perspective-from-Church St.-like gradient of a learning curve of said new post so that more doing stuff just seemed like a bad life choice.

All the google image results for Lazarus were spooky, so here is Lisa Lazarus, Ms. Universe UK 2008. Much better than the jesus/mummy pics. From

And it was not the JC that brought me back from my ambitious laziness!  No, it was because I finally managed to wrestle loose of the embrace of Infinite Jest after it had imposed a six month literary embargo on me.  I am now free to try out some probably shorter works and hopefully something that is less dense than Pb (and I don’t mean peanut butter, crunchy or otherwise).  And this also means that I’ll have some time to shadow Muni bookworms. 

Lucky you!     

Stay tuned!