Spotted: Grace

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Well it appears that this woman was so deep into Grace, by T. Greenwood, that she forgot to put her second glove on.  Or take the first one off.  The premise is an interesting one.  The store clerk who develops the photographs for a thirteen-year-old is the only one who sees that his family is about to implode via the haunting film he brings in for processing.  Apparently the grandfather is a hoarder.  As someone who has a family member who is borderline hoarder, I think it would be interesting to see how the author deals with this subject.  Or I could just watch that horribly addicting show.

Also, in a Between The Lines SF first, we’re going to actually tweet this to the author herself!  Hopefully we won’t get a cease and desist letter from her lawyers!  From her blog, she actually seems like she would be a pretty cool person.  In person.