Spotted: 1Q84

This is kind of cheating, because it was your author who just turned the last page of this book today during his morning commute.   But maybe you spotted me reading it, ha ha! And I also saw at least two other people over the past few weeks.  And this significant, because as a 900+ page hardback, it is no easy feat to haul this around and pull it out on even a mildly crowded train/bus.   I wouldn’t have dreamed of it at first, but I became so sucked into this story, that I would actually take the (slower) bus, rather than the (sometimes faster) train, just so I could more likely get a seat in the morning and get lost in the year 1Q84 with Murakami and the bizarre worlds he convinces us to believe and care about.   It might be the case that since The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle was my first Murakami book, I will always think that was his best effort, but 1Q84 isn’t too far behind, imho.  Well worth the effort to shove in your bag somehow and read.


Fabulous Nobodies

SF, you never cease to amaze me.  From the review:

Before Bridget Jones, Carrie Bradshaw, and the Shopaholic, it was a world of Fabulous Nobodies

Holy Shit.  Leave it to a SFer to find the “I was Bridget Jones before being Bridget Jones was cool” book.  This also seems fairly hard to find, giving it even extra hipster cred.  “Oh, you liked Sex and the City?  You should read this book that, like, totally set the stage for it.  It came out like a LONG time ago.  Yeah, I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of it.  I found it at (insert one: Strand/Powell’s) on my last trip to (insert one: NYC/Portland)”