Spotted: A Clash of Kings

Just when I thought my strange series of encounters with fantasy novels was at an end, I happened upon this:

It wasn’t until I did some searching around that I realized that this is the sequel to “A Game of Thrones” in the “A Song of Fire and Ice” series.   At this point, I also remembered I have run across readers of these books before, including the good Chris Appelgren over at The Bold Italic.

I do not believe that this is all coincidence.  Nay.  I think this means that I should embark on an epic quest myself.  Indeed, I shall no longer tarry, for my destiny awaits!  I shall cross swords with Comcast Cable until he relents the HBO,* so that I may witness with mine own eyes this Game of Thrones!

*As long as it does not deplete my coffers of too copious of an amount of bullion. 


2 thoughts on “Spotted: A Clash of Kings

    • Excellent point. As I was on my home last night, I realized that, given this is a blog about books, perhaps I should not have just defaulted to watching the show. Truth is my personal reading list is currently experiencing something of a bandwidth allocation problem, of late, and I don’t know if I see myself being able to start the series. But based solely on the frequency with which I see them, I am truly missing out. Thanks for stopping by!

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