Spotted: A Clash of Kings

Just when I thought my strange series of encounters with fantasy novels was at an end, I happened upon this:

It wasn’t until I did some searching around that I realized that this is the sequel to “A Game of Thrones” in the “A Song of Fire and Ice” series.   At this point, I also remembered I have run across readers of these books before, including the good Chris Appelgren over at The Bold Italic.

I do not believe that this is all coincidence.  Nay.  I think this means that I should embark on an epic quest myself.  Indeed, I shall no longer tarry, for my destiny awaits!  I shall cross swords with Comcast Cable until he relents the HBO,* so that I may witness with mine own eyes this Game of Thrones!

*As long as it does not deplete my coffers of too copious of an amount of bullion. 


Spotted: Irish Dreams

Living under the rock that is Cole Valley (or the Frederick Knob-whenever that neighborhood came into being under my feet, I guess I’ll never know), I had never heard of Nora Roberts.  Just in terms of statistics, that seems pretty amazing because this woman has written A LOT: some 209 novels that have spent a combined 861 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.  With that many pieces of paper flying around with her name on it, you’d think I would have run into one by now. Several of her novels’ titles begin with the word “Irish:”  Irish Rebel, Irish Thoroughbred, Irish Rose, Irish Hearts, etc.  So, as you can probably imagine, Ms. Roberts is from Maryland.  Though she might be as clean as a whistle!

It’s a little difficult to tell, but from my one google long and diligent research, it appears that Irish Dreams is a compilation of two stories: Irish Rebel and Sullivan’s Woman.

The woman who was reading this seemed to be completely entranced by its pages.  I hear there might be a little romantic sexy sexy time in there.  Maybe she was on one of those passages.

Bookshelf Porn

It’s almost cliché to say that one likes the musty smell of old books.  It also has a scientific basis of sorts.  Proust was definitely on to something with his tisane and madeleines.  But I had never really thought about the sight of books as being a source of sentimental joy.  This website posts pictures of collections of books: from messy reading nooks with piles of books on the floor to giant sterile libraries.  Some are quite innovative and might even get an eyebrow raise from interior design folks.  Check it out!


Spotted: Cat’s Cradle

All of the true things that I am about to tell you are shameless lies.

Finally, I saw a book I’ve read!  This was passed to me many years ago by a friend as her “favorite Vonnegut,” and I really can’t find fault with that.  Bokononism, the fictional religion that Vonnegut created in this novel, is probably in and of itself  the best (and convincing) satire of organized religion that I’ve ever come across.