Charlie Rose Interview with Amos Oz

I just saw a fascinating interview with Amos Oz, the Israeli writer, on Charlie Rose.  What an articulate man.

What he said really captured my attention.  Transcriptions are my own:

“The best way to know the soul of another country, is to read its literature”

“Curiosity is a moral virtue.  I even think a curious person is a better lover than a person who is not curious, but it is too early in the evening to discuss this aspect.”

“I take a morning walk in the desert.  The desert helps look at everything in proportion.  [How does it do that?]  What’s important, what’s not important.  When I come back from the desert and I turn on the radio and I hear a politician say ‘forever,’ ‘ever,’ ‘for eternity,’ I know the stones out there in the desert are laughing.

“James Joyce, in Ulysses, takes great trouble to count how many steps from the pub to the street corner.  And this is called fiction.  Whereas when a journalist says the skies over the middle east is covered with clouds, this is called non-fiction.  Why?”

The whole interview is here:

My reading list is getting really looooooooooooooooooooong.  Has anyone seen his stuff on Muni?


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