Spotted: Ironic Eggers

I saw our very own Dave Egger’s book, “You Shall Know Our Velocity,” the other day while I stood  on a motionless train somewhere between Montgomery and Embarcadero that hadn’t moved in about five minutes.  I chuckled to myself, because that’s what crazy people do on Muni if one chose to describe the collective “we” that were the sorry souls on that train, I doubt it would have involved the word “velocity” unless preceded by the word “zero” or the plea “I wish I could instantly attain escape.”* 

I’ve read some of his other novels, including “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius,” which kinda hit close to home for me at the time and I think remains my favorite, despite really enjoying (the very different) “What is the What” and “Zeitoun.”  I’ll be sure to check out this earlier work of his.  And you should too. Think of the children

* Again, what crazy people do on Muni.


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