Spotted: Life

by Rolling Stones zombie skeleton pirate string plucker, Keith Richards.  This has got to be an interesting read, given this man’s personification of  all things your parents and holy book warned you about.  Though by “life” he probably means something the rest of us might imagine would compel the use of a Hazmat team and some IV antibiotics,  the book has received nice reviews, not least because it chronicles an “era when rock’n’roll came of age,” and is “a raw report from deep inside the counterculture maelstrom of how that music swept like a tsunami over Britain and the United States.” (NYT).

It’s actually now available in paperback as I just physically verified at The Book Passage.


One thought on “Spotted: Life

  1. i read this mostly on late evenings, before it was available on paperback as it was way too heavy to take on the bus.
    being a stones fan, great great read.
    also, read it shortly after patti smith’s just kids, both awesome time traveling narratives.

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