Spotted: Moonglass

So usually when I say “spotted,” I am using it as shorthand to indicate that either I, or a percipient witness, has observed a certain title on a given mode of transportation within our beautiful 7×7.  I’m going to gently tug at the borders of my usage of the term for today, to include something a little different.

An old (as in ancienne, not vieille) school mate  has accomplished what many of us have only dreamed.  She has managed to become an actual writer.  Not someone who writes for their job or merely a cathartic hobby.  Nope.  She’s the real deal now folks.

And her debut novel is getting quite the buzz.  Falling in the YA genre (“Young Adult,” for the uninitiated like myself.  Although my first guess of “Young and Angsty” wasn’t far off), Moonglass has seemed to tickle the critics and resonate with readers throughout the blogosphere.

So although her book has been reviewed and discussed on far more influential blogs, I feel I would be a bad old (as in old) friend, if I didn’t give her a plug to call her own.  With a seemingly real and refreshing storyline about a young woman growing up after her mother’s death, I’ll be picking it up soon.  And so should you.

You can buy it at Green Apple Books, and find out more about the author on her blog.

Congrats Jessi!


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