Spotted: Bossypants

I saw Tina Fey’s new book on a kindle iPad some sort of glowing tablet thing.  I have to say, the growing number of glowing tablet things really makes trying to figure out what people are reading a lot more difficult.  If I hadn’t sat right next to this person and oh-so-subtlely squinted at the header of page on her glowing tablet thing while pretending to be really interested in what was going on outside of the window, this post would not exist.  Tragic.  I know. 

So although I did not see the cover of the book on the glowing tablet thing, I just have to share this.  Because it’s funny, but also a little disturbing in that the-jokes-your-uncle-makes-around-the-holidays-after-a-few-more-eggnogs-than-he’s-willing-to-admit kind of way.    

I hope/fear those are Alec Baldwin's arms. And hat.


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