Literary Santa Literally

Will only need to worry about paper cuts...or maybe some sort of ipad version of Nintendo thumb.

I remember one Christmas I was extremely pleased because Santa brought me the exact book I had asked for: The Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol. I.  I was at an age where I would never admit that I still liked the mystery that The Three Investigators (I guess at even a young age I had a thing against the mainstream appeal of the Hardy Boys) provided, but I was moving into a fascination with things foreign and old that I have never really grown out of, thankfully.

So what books have you asked Santa for this year?  Or perhaps I should say what “titles,” since so many people now have kindles and ipads and such.  Or is an ipad what you want?  Are you sure it’s not just to play that game that involves battling blue jays and cantankerous cardinals?  Will you ask for something right off of the NYT best seller list?  Or maybe some Anais Nin or Armistead Maupin to make your family uncomfortable?


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