In Conversation with Jonathan Franzen

From The Booksmith

Tonight, City Arts and Lectures presents Jonathan Franzan in Conversation with Mark Breitenberg.  Franzen’s latest novel, “Freedom,” was released a few weeks ago and was/is the subject of much anticipation after the popular success of his last novel, “The Corrections” in 2001. 

Your author probably won’t be making it to this event due to a previous engagement, but he will be reading this novel at some point.  You see, it was in 2001 when I was unable to participate in a conversation about modern literature because I had this subconscious policy of only reading “classics.”  That day, two friends were passionately discussing a book called “The Corrections.”  I decided I should read it.   I picked a good one to start with as “The Corrections” really is a great read.  And thus was born my interest in books that were written since the 1950s.   And the bit about how he did not want to be part of Oprah’s book club was rich.   

Herbst Theatre (401 Van Ness @ McAllister) 8pm.   It’s walkable from the Van Ness Muni station, or you can take the 47 or 49.  The 5 and 21 also won’t drop you off far if you’re coming from downtown. 

According to the  box office, this benefits 826 Valencia as well.


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