The Kindle is now $139.  The iPad  has burrowed its way enough into our culture already that it appears in the wordpress spell check dictionary.  Sony just came out with released new versions of its e-readers.  Barnes and Noble also has…uh…done something with its…um…Nook?    I had no idea the market for e-readers had quite so many horses.  

I’ve seen more and more iPads and other e-readers every day on the rails/tires of Muni (or so I think).  As someone who loves, and is reluctant to abandon, the software stability of analog paperbacks, is it finally time for me to switch?  And if so, which one? 

I tend to only read one book at a time, so I’m not sure if the ability to store 1,300 books is really all that appealing to me. 

Does anyone else out there have one that they love/hate?  Should I just bow to the coolness and conspicuous consumption appeal of the iPad, or is the much cheaper Kindle actually a better fit?  Are you scared that someone will swipe it from you on Muni?


3 thoughts on “Kindle-ing?

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  2. My mom had a Sony e-reader and didn’t much care for the thing to the point that she lost it in Shanghai — she lives in California.

    I’m personally leaning toward Kindle. But the Nook is also a favorite — they have Android-based versions of it now.

    Let’s not also forget likely hundreds of e-readers that are just as good but less marketed than the ones we’ve heard of.

    • Wow David. She must have really hated her Sony e-reader if she went to the trouble of losing it several time zones away on another continent. Since we wrote this post, I’ve played around with a few friends’ kindles (wondering if that sounds dirty…so it probably does) and have been impressed. The screen actually looks like a book and less like a computer screen. I spend all day looking at a computer screen, the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at another one. Thanks for the input and let us know which one you choose and how it goes!

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