Spotted: The Patient’s Privates (c)*


Rather, The Private Patient by P.D. James, in my continuing discovery of prolific and well-read authors of which I have never heard.  Apparently, this is the 14th book in the Adam Dalgliesh series.  P.D. James seems to specialize in detective and mystery novels, though, according the authoratative wiki, also seems to dabble in the real deal.   According to her website, she has been inducted into the International Crime Writing Hall of Fame.

My inner (nerdy and bookish) 12 year-old who loved the Hardy Boys and Three Investigators series became slightly excited at the prospect of a series of detective stories.  So how about it?  Would these be some good Muni reads?

* When this is inevitably turned into some sort of xxx parody, I want 10% James!!!


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