Local Bookstore Adventures: Dog Eared Books

San Franciscans are blessed with a large, though dwindling, number of local independent book stores.  So, in an effort to save our Fantasia from The Nothing that is Amazon, we have decided to spotlight some of our favorite local bookstores, in what will be a somewhat regular, though intermittent, series of posts.

First up is Dog Eared Books.  

This is a great store that will carry the book that everyone’s been talking about, and it will carry some lesser known titles just to intrigue you.

Case in point

Dog Eared Books is also blessed with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  One of their salespersons once recommended Jorge Luis Borges to me before my trip to Argentina.   I am, suffice to say, forever indebted.

It’s also conveniently located.  I’m having a hard time thinking of a way not to get there.  It’s  a short walk from Bart, the 33, 48, 14, and probably a host of others.  Nice hours too.

Note: on behalf of library systems everywhere, I feel obligated to say that dog-earing is exactly what you’re not supposed to do with  borrowed books.


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