Worst Case on the 38L

While riding the 38L to work the other day I noticed an older woman reading Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.  While I didn’t think much of the book,  I was slightly intrigued by the fact that there were two authors for what appeared to be a work of fiction; what mostly piqued my interest was the few remaining pages the woman had left. She appeared to have 3 – 4 pages remaining, at most, and kept furtively glancing to see which stop we were at. When we reached her stop she hurriedly put the book in her bag and walked off the bus. I immediately thought, “how unsettling! She only had a few pages left! The story was probably wrapping up! Someone could be on their death bed, uttering their last few words, finally divulging the secret they have been holding onto all these years!” But alas, her stop was reached, she had to close the book and continue on with her day.

What do you do readers, when you find yourself in this situation? Do you stay on until the next stop? Do you sneak the last few pages in while waiting in line for your morning coffee? Do you (gasp) take the book into the bathroom with you?

I just hope the reader was able to reach the end without too long of a wait. Who knows, maybe she was even transferring to another line.


One thought on “Worst Case on the 38L

  1. I hate finishing books on the bus. If I’m a few pages away from finishing a book I leave it at home to finish later or I have a new book with me to start right away. I usually carry more than one book anyways. Sometimes I want to read Hawaiian stuff, sometimes I want to read popular books, sometimes I want non-fiction. Who knows what my mood will be at any given time? I sure don’t.

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