Diversity is King (or Queen)

I have always been interested in what others were reading around me on public transit, but lately as I have been paying more attention for your betweenthelines reading pleasure, it has become blatantly apparent how diverse the reading preferences of SF public transit riders truly are. Yesterday I found myself surrounded by the following four readers:

Reader number 1:  A twenty something woman completely engaged in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.

Reader number 2: A thirty something man reading a thriller novel by Brian Haig entitled Private Sector.

Reader number 3:  A mid thirties woman dressed very nicely trying to secretly read Eclipse: The Twilight Saga on her kindle (and looking around her every few minutes so as not to get caught).  Perhaps she was trying to get caught up for the movie to be released this summer.

Reader number 4: A middle aged man with glasses and briefcase in hand was reading The Lost City of Z by David Grann. The Lost City is a New York Times Bestseller about a British explorer searching for a lost civilization.

Each reader was immersed into another world and as I looked around, I realized that those worlds could not be more different!

So here’s to you sf public transit riders, and the diverse mysteries, thrillers, romance novels, historical non-fiction, and otherwise enthralling novels you pick up!


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