Spotted Author Marian Keyes

Right, so I didn’t actually see Marian Keyes, nor do I have any reason to believe she has spots, but I did see someone reading one of her books.  I can’t tell you which one though, as after more than a few glances, I was worried I might give the poor reader the creeps.   And it wouldn’t really have mattered since I haven’t heard of her, nor read anything by her.  But let’s pretend it was this one:

Call me morbid call me pale, but I doubt this is about Morrissey

After doing a bit of research, it turns out Marian Keyes can probably be described as prolific without too much fear of contradiction.  With titles like “Rachel’s Holiday” and “Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married,” I’m tempted to prejudge these books as something Bridget Jones would read on holiday.  And 30 customers on Amazon have tagged this book as “Irish Chick-Lit” which I didn’t even know existed.

So Muni readers, are these books any good?  Would reading this on the bus make you feel as if you were next to a pool perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Spotted Author Marian Keyes

  1. Many years ago I read a few books by Marian Keyes…”Last Chance Saloon”, “Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married”, and “Sushi for Beginners”. They are total “Irish Chick-Lit”, easy light reads for a beach trip or something of that nature. I indulge in all sorts of fiction, and would say that her books aren’t the most intellectually stimulating books ever, but they aren’t awful either. They are entertaining and funny if anything. Comparable to a “Chick Flick”, if that makes sense?

  2. I was exposed to Marian Keyes when I was living in German and reading anything written in English that I could find. I think her books are more intelligent than your average chick-lit fare, and I enjoy her Irish sense of humo(u)r. Rachel’s Holiday, for example, is actually about coping with drug and alcohol abuse, slightly heavier fare than your average Bridget Jones wanna-be.

    If you’re interested in some beach-type reads with a little more substance, I think she’s a good choice. Her collection of essays, Under the Duvet, was my first introduction to her work and I think still my favorite of what I’ve read.

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