Spotted: Sherlock Holmes on the N-Judah

The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes

Or at least one of the various collections of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories that has been published involving the good Mr. Holmes.  I read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as a kid, and I remember being absolutely intrigued by the twisting plots, sinister characters, and the very bleak canvas of London Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used as a backdrop for Holmes’ capers.  Holmes was a very different kind of crime fighting hero than the comic book characters I grew up with.  He used his brain rather than his brawn(*FN1), and he was often an arrogant jerk, and sometimes a seven-percent-solution-cocaine-fueled jerk:

not exactly Captain America.

And, much like periodicals, perhaps short stories are a good choice for morning MUNI rides; I imagine you could finish the one about gingers The Read Headed League during a daily commute.

FN1:  The fight scene from the recent film with Robert Downey Jr. notwithstanding.  Jeremy Brett will always be Sherlock Holmes for me (see video above), and he came as close to perfecting a literary character that your author has ever seen.


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