Periodic Trends

Would this attract or repel the nutjobs on your route?

It is not just fine literature the Twilight Saga Series Vampilogy Books that we see in the hands of our fellow Muni riders.  Many are engrossed in newspapers, journals, and magazines.  And maybe for good reason.   Muni rides (on packed trains that a certain kind of oft-canned fish would find unpleasant and  getting one’s leg drenched by an oblivious passenger’s swinging umbrella wet from a storm that wasn’t supposed to happen until tomorrow and feeling hot, humid, and claustrophobic all while having to stand up and hang on for dear life) are not always conducive for reading and understanding subtle literary devices.

Perhaps newspapers and magazines, with their shorter and more easily digested articles are better reading fare for public transport.  Because you really can’t count on Muni to be distraction or accident free.   Plus, the more pliable the reading material, the less space it takes up in your bag and the easier it is to read with one hand while please holding on.

I will often bring along my Economist, and I have seen everything from the Grey Lady to Runner’s’ World.  I rarely see Us Weekly on the bus.  Are we all that educated or do we just leave our low-brow supermarket checkout/airport swill at home?  Or does it depend on what route you’re on?

They hand the Examiner out in the FiDi for free in the morning.  Which never really made sense to me, since by the time I’m in the FiDI, my Muni commute is already over and I now have to go read things about which  I don’t have a choice.

What are some good Muni-friendly periodicals you read or see?


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